sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

A Cow in Horse's Clothing

It's shocking.

I've recently been reading a collection of articles on the horse meat scandal, but as if that whole fiasco wasn't bad enough, there seem to be a bunch of people out there trying to act cool about it.

"People eat horse meat all the time!"

Yes, I know, it's very popular in France. But I'm sorry, I can't see it happening in my kitchen. Mainly because I like the cute moonwalking Shetty in the Three advert, and especially if the pony trying to infiltrate my pot is doing it under false pretences.

The best/worst piece I read was in the main national Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat (sorry, Finnish article only). Someone had interviewed horse owners at a riding stables to see what they thought about eating their mounts. Most of the riders thought it a good idea, as long as the slaughter process was humane.


I refuse to believe that any normal family would feel completely happy about their daughter's pet pony ending up as part of someone's Sunday roast. Or worse still, if old Rosie was the main ingredient in their own dinner. Please tell me I'm not mental to be thinking this?

Anyway, I'm glad I never bought that jar of ready made baby spag bol for Felix. At least he has been spared the Trojan horse in his ready cuisine. 

Although now the doubts creep in. What if chicken isn't really chicken? What do they put in cheese? And can anyone prove where fish fingers come from?

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  1. I dont agree with you but thats ok. in Denmark we eat horse often, specially sausages and no one minds!

    1. Thanks so much for taking part in the discussion Hannah! I'm aware of horse meat being in many sausage products in Finland too and lots of people enjoy them. I guess the point is, if it's labelled and you know what you're eating, that's great. Personally, I think horses are too domesticated to be eaten, but that's just me!

  2. You certainly do have a point, this is big concern, and when you consider that they haven't been testing for horse DNA in processed foods in the uk for 10 years, it's probably safe to assume that at some point horse has passed our lips. With regards ti fish fingers, that's a no brainer, fish don't have fingers!!!!

    1. He, he, he, terrifying thoughts! And your fish finger theory is spot on!